Sunday, July 3, 2011

What is on my mind

i'm so glad it is summer!!!!!! staying at pawpaw's for our staycation in Dallas! So far i've gotten A stuffed giraffe , a notepad and a postcard. Staying at pawpaw's is fun but i still miss my own bed, i've been sleeping in a chair so you probably would imagin the ache in my back when i wake up (yes kids like me still have aches and pains).I'm going to be ten in 912 hoursor 38 days from being ten. I feel like bigg foot right now wanna know why? Because i'm probably 5' ft tall and i wear a 6/7 woman's shoe! And i'm only nine or mostly 10 than nine. Better get some rest for tomorrow we're hitting the lone star park tomorrow and by the way i named my giraffe Dallas... i know it's a corny name but my parents won't let me change it... ByE I lOvE tHe dALlAs ZoO!!!!!!! :)

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